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  • Moin, moin One night reading the Forum 'Beiträge' in detail and PROBLEME SOLVED!I used all three configuration suggestions ( Legacy, config.txt and the '40-...' file).Trotzdem vielen dank.Despite that the two systems being the same I suppose there m…
  • Moin moinmany thanks for the quick response!It is as I suspected. I have Marlin firmware that sends a message to the printer display, but thats all(I think!) I will try to do something with the gpio's. thanks again Christopher
  • Moinalso die ersatz Motherboard ist Eingebaut und functioniert ohne Probleme.Vielen Dank für die SupportmfGChristopher
  • Moin moin > Also Ich habe die G-Code eingegeben, aber der Mega X Display bleibt deaktiviert!Sorry, it got "Lost in translation" So this is what I have tried:1. Switch off Mega x and Pi.2 Switch Mega X on then Pi.3. Mega X reacts to Z Axis contro…
  • Danke!Also Ich habe die G-Code eingegeben, aber der Mega X Display bleibt deaktiviert!Das einzige was funktioniert is das buzzer befehl!! Ich habe Erfahren das es ein double belegung von der schnittstelle sein könnte.Ich schaue nach und melde mich n…
  • Moin moin,eine kurze zwischen Frage! "Wenn wir starten senden wir  M530 S1 L70        M531 Name        M532 X0 L0        M75"Meinst du beim jeden print start?Und ist es getrent von der Print job G-Code erstgeschickt?mfGChristopher
  • Danke für die schnellen Antwort. The Mega X display. The Pi System works very well. I will check the G-Code and let you knnow. mfG
  • P.S.When the print job is finished or stopped due to an error( eg "Thermal runaway") the displaystays disabled.
  • MoinWell, I couldn't see/find it anywhere, and after I got everything working I rechecked to see ifI had missed it. Still can't find it but now I know its easy;-), I'ts probably just a "fluke" of my system but perhaps it should be mentioned in you…
  • Moin Moinindeed the lightning bolt shows "never". So I've now got two power supplies!! And now to my problem....Hardware:     All original Rasberry. Pi 4B + 7" Touchscreen.Software:     Repetier Pi OS + Repetier-Server image V25 1.0.4Software ammend…
  • Thanks for the info.I have ordered an original power supply for the Rasberry.Let's see what happens!mfGstafford
  • MoinThanks for the answer "trotz" weekend!1. Yes, Country is set to "DE".1a. Also with the OS + Rep.Server v25 image the touch screen is a bit "trager".     In case its a power issue I have ordered a 5v 3amp power unit. 2.  I have tried a ".deb" ima…