Print restart when filament empty?

Moin moin,
Just a question.
How do I restart a print job when the filament sensor registers "No filament"........( e.g. when I misjudge how much is filament is left on the  reel ).
I can't find any info in the Docu.
I have an Anycubic Mega X with a Pi4 and Repetier server.



  • There are to ways:
    1. Firmware does not say anything about sensor being triggered. Here we won't know anything about the problem in time and you have to print same file again.
    2. Firmware sends a message. You can use any message in our filter rules and execute 
    upon receiving that. Server will then run pause commands you can edit to move heat out of way, you change filament and hit continue to finish print.

    Unfortunately not all firmwares send a message on filament runout. One was ma Anycubic Mega X, so guess you have same problem. Solutions here are change firmware with one that sends a message or add a external sensor connected e.g. to raspberry and use the signal from that to trigger same in server. Example is on this page, second example shows how gpio pins can be used for sensor.

  • Moin moin
    many thanks for the quick response!
    It is as I suspected. I have Marlin firmware that sends a message to the printer display, but thats all(I think!)
    I will try to do something with the gpio's.

    thanks again
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