Touch screen orientation fail

Moin, moin,
I am trying to install(upgrade) my print system to Repertier Server pro 1.4.15 and cannot rotate the touch screen to 180 degrees.
I use a Pi 4 and original Pi 7" touch screen. Installation is via a flashed SD Card with your Repertier server zip datei (using Balena SW).
The base installation completes succesfully, including WIFI and license config.
However the screen rotation does not respond.......I have of course tried all the suggested solution, but to no avail!!
This is not the first time I have installed Rep.Serv to a Pi 4. In fact I have just installed/updated a parallel, identical system, without
problems! Both Pi's are about 2 years old.

Any thoughts please.



  • Moin, moin

    One night reading the Forum 'Beiträge' in detail and PROBLEME SOLVED!
    I used all three configuration suggestions ( Legacy, config.txt and the '40-...' file).
    Trotzdem vielen dank.
    Despite that the two systems being the same I suppose there must be a h/W difference somewhere.
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