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  • Suggestion for the repetier plugin for inkscape. Add the possibility to switch laser on/off with M3 and m5 command instead of the G0/G1 as it is now.
  • Repetier said: Don't do all the reinstalls. It is in firmware or the gcode you send or a combination.  My problem is that I'm too busy to test myself at the moment. You could test without M3 and only use increasing E values where you want to…
  • Roko said: Repetier said: Does laser turn off for G1 instead? Then you might have LASER_ON_HIGH wrong also it would be safer that it only turns on with high signal. Also check no other function uses pin 57 to interfere. Like he said, does i…
  • That's right. Today I tried a few things. Replaced my Arduino mega -> no difference Uploaded the latest firmware -> no difference Still first G0 move laser on I am out of ideas ..
  • Hi, Still not working correctly. I checked, no other assigned to pin 57 except #define ANALYZER_CH7 57 // ysig in Repetier.h The code in Commands.ccp is same so no issue there. I tried the following. Two letters, A and B about 5 cm apart from ea…
  • Hi, laser switches on (pin 57 HIGH) with this line: G0 X46.6438 Y-14.1442 In configuration.h #define SUPPORT_LASER 1#define LASER_PIN 57#define LASER_ON_HIGH 1 If I move the head manually using G0 X10 Y10  laser is on also when moving using repe…
  • Repetier said: Make sure the travel moves use G0 not G1. G1 will enable it on the way while G0 keeps laser off until target is reached. How do I do that? In de repetier plugin for inkscape there is no setting for that. This is the beginn…
  • Hi, can I change this in eeprom settings?If yes how and where. What is the difference in eeprom between 'corr diagonal' and 'dealta radius' ? Thanks again
  • That is not exactly what I mean. In repetier there are 'build in' slicers. I like to add simplify3d to that. Is it possible?
  • sorry my setting:  Z_PROBE_Z_OFFSET_MODE 0 Custom bed coating maximum is about 2.5 mm I cannot get it higher. Glass plate 3mm so it's not enough.
  • It's working a bit.  Maximum is about 2.5mm can I change that? setting: 
  • Ok this is working now. Another problem came forward since distortion correction The first few layers seem to be over-extruding now untill they reach about 1.4 mm.After that print is normal again.  How can this be corrected? thanks
  • Thanks  I will try this
  • Thanks, If I understand well:When the nozzle touches the bed and at the same time the z-probe triggers at 2mm the z-probe height would be 2mm. Do I measure with M114 of fysical height? So this is a fixed value. Max z-probe bed distance is the heigh…