simplify3d in repetier

Can I use simplify3d slicer in repetier?

If yes what setting so I use?



  • Simplyify 3d creates code compatible with repetier-firmware, that is no problem. Just select as firmware type RepRap (Marlin/Repetier/Sprinter). The rest depends on what you need.

    You can also load g-code stored with simplify3d in any of our products.
  • That is not exactly what I mean.

    In repetier there are 'build in' slicers. I like to add simplify3d to that.

    Is it possible?
  • That is not possible. Simplify3d has no command line interface. What you can do is add a file watcher slicer in manager. This watches a directory making it easier to import files generated with 3rd party slicers.
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