Custom bed Coating

On my display I can set a custom bed coating thickness.

When trying to use a glass plate on my bed I want the print to start 3 mm higher then usual so I set the custom bed coating to 3.00 mm

Printing however does not start 3 mm higher. Do I do something wrong or is it a  bug?


  • It works but it depends on z probe type, homing direction and Z_PROBE_Z_OFFSET_MODE.

    For z min homing with inductive probe you would need Z_PROBE_Z_OFFSET_MODE 0.
  • It's working a bit.  Maximum is about 2.5mm can I change that?
  • sorry my setting:  Z_PROBE_Z_OFFSET_MODE 0

    Custom bed coating maximum is about 2.5 mm I cannot get it higher. 
    Glass plate 3mm so it's not enough.

  • I think you mean in lcd? That is possible since it is bed coating and not bed with total different height. But if you use eeprom editor instead you can enter any value you want.
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