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  • merkwürdig. dann müsste das verfahren von 0 auf zmax ja anderthalb minuten dauern.kann ja theorethisch bei G1 moves zu timeouts führen.kannst ja einfach testen wenn Du von z=1 nach z=150 fährst. sende einfach mal G1 Z1 F120 und dann G1 Z150 F120 ob …
  • mit communication timeouts hatte ich mal probleme mit nem china due.nutzt du den nativen oder den programming port? aber deine z feedrate ist definitiv zu gering.geh mal auf max 30 und homing 20.warum unterschiedliche x und y-feedrates?
  • das mit den timeouts ist mir nicht klar, da kann repetier sicher mehr dazu sagen. mich würden eher deine Firmwarewerte für die feedrates interessieren, Du hast oben geschrieben das homing nach z-max dauert 45 sekunden. das erscheint mir sehr hoch.in…
  • sorry , hatte es als 2000 gelesen, dann stimmts natürlich mit 2.000 =F120 habe bei meinem corexy eigenbau die max z feedrate auf 20 (komme bei 3600 steps/mm aber auch nicht über 35).denke es wäre ein wert um die 50 realistisch ansonsten kannst du im…
  • 2000 (mm/s)  in der Firmware entsprechen F120000 (mm/min) im gcode
  • what you mean with 3mm respectively 1.75 mm is filament diameter , not nozzle diameter. follow this to calibrate your extruder : https://all3dp.com/2/extruder-calibration-6-easy-steps-2/ set flow rate to 100% to do this!!
  • looks like nozzle diameter is not correct in slicer.if its set for the old (bigger) nozzle it will not give correct result for the new (smaller) nozzle
  • what about the reset,sleep and enable signals in your test setup?and what drivers do you use? enable should be tied to gnd , sleep and reset to VDD.if you leave them open they might do unwanted things
  • search for: #define ENDSTOP_X_BACK_ON_HOME 2#define ENDSTOP_Y_BACK_ON_HOME 2#define ENDSTOP_Z_BACK_ON_HOME 2 these are the settings for moving back  from endstop after homing.guess you have set them to 0 the back move when homing is this:(used duri…
  • x offset -108mm ? which offset are you talking about? may be a sketch would be useful
  • wenn x oder y nicht gehomed sind führt er ein homing von x und y durch.siehe hier: void ZProbeHandler::activate() {    if (activated) {        return;    }    // Ensure x and y positions are valid    if (!Motion1::isAxisHomed(X_AXIS) || !Motion1::is…
  • nothing attached... you have to upload the files to something like pastebin, googledrive ,etc.if youre afraid to do so i´ll send you my e-mail  by pm
  • https://github.com/Aus3D/RUMBA32/blob/v1.1/Source/Outputs/RUMBA32_v1_1A_PinoutDrawing.PDF https://github.com/Aus3D/RUMBA32/blob/v1.1B/Source/Outputs/RUMBA32_v1_1B_PinoutDrawing.PDF as far as i can see there are no changes on the endstop inputs. I…
  • i know.. it´s finding the tree in the forest;-)
  • the Space you're looking for is inserted automatically , so no need for space bar button
  • referring https://docfirmwarev2.repetier.com/config/endstops ENDSTOP_SWITCH_HW(endstopXMin, IOEndstopXMin, X_AXIS, false) should do the trick. false  = homing to min , true =homing to max so as z is homing to max it´s working correct. if y is homing…
  • @Repetier why not simply allow or not allow M114 for server by selecting , for example as switch in servers manual control settings.from my point of view it would be a nice temporary solution , especially for cnc use
  • as you wrote above: i guess you fried the Driver. DRV8825 die immediate when mounting in wrong direction.fried myself around 10 pieces the last two years while "ich probier kurz"
  • may be this helps : I remember i had similar problems on Win10 , but as it´s long ago I´m not shure what the solution was.As zadig is still present on my computer i think this was the solution BTW i use RUMBA32 from aus3d 1st version , no plagiate
  • i know it´s intentional , i mentioned it as "trap" as some users expect eeprom being updated by upload as i guess ;-)
  • @Repetier : Isn´t there still the EEProm Trap when reconfiguring and Uploading Firmware? I still change #define EEPROM_MODE 1 to #define EEPROM_MODE 2 when reuploading with new values.and the next time uploading back to #define EEPROM_MODE 1 so EEPr…
  • refer https://docfirmwarev2.repetier.com/config/pins 5 is oversampling rate, not pin number
  • https://www.repetier-server.com/version-comparison/ steht direkt unterm Preis ;-)    Du kannst mit einer Lizenz 5 Pi´s betreiben
  • what´s your firmware setting for uart3?do you use the bluetooth setting?
  • why don´t you use serial2 or serial3 for your display?as i guess you have communication to repetier host via esp3d on serial one so you can use serial2 or 3 for your display.seems you don´t use native usb and programming port. simply add #define RFS…
  • RX0 TX0 is occupied by Programming port, that´s the reason.
  • Raspberry is well known for power sensitivity.1st as power sensitive itself2nd limited usb output power. you can solve the problem by external powered usb hub or by cutting respectively masking the +5V connectionin usb connection cable so the printe…
  • https://www.tomshardware.com/how-to/boot-raspberry-pi-4-usb
  • arduino seems to be different to platformio version. in the platformio version it is as i wrote above . I'm running on win10
  • pi phongshader said:  I don't see a pin 4 in variants.h, that is the pin defined in the delta rumba32 bltouch example: IO_OUTPUT(Servo1Pin, 4) see C:\Users\yourusername\.platformio\packages\framework-arduinoststm32\variants\RUMBA32_F446VE …