Z0 has moved to +150 above the bed.

ive been trying to reset my z height after running G32 S2 bed leveling and something went wrong - my printer now think z0 is about 150mm above the bed.

how can i reset the height to where i want it ?


  • Check z probe height - if it is very high that would be the result. Also ask firmware with M114 if it really thinks to be at z=0 just in case.
  • M114 reports
    Recv:16:51:00.217: X:0.00 Y:0.00 Z:0.000 E:0.0000
    but its nearly at the top of the Z range... how do i move Z to go below 0 ? 
    apart from winding the steppers round manually i cant get it to go down.
  • G1 S1
    disables target position check so negative Z positions are possible.
    Did you already check z probe height in eeprom as I told?

  • hi,
    Z-probe height is 2.0
    i tried G1 S1 - get no response on the console.
    and doesnt allow me to go negative. am i missing something ?
  • z-probe x  offset is set to 65
    z-probe y offset is set to 32
    when i try G32 S2 i get...
    21:54:39.448 : Error:Activating z-probe would lead to forbidden xy position: -65.000000, -32.01
    why is it try to go negative ?
  • if your z-probe x offset is 65 ,it means it is 65mm on right side of nozzle which is x=0.
    to move your probe to nozzle position 0  it has to go left by 65mm which means -65 for nozzle.

    same for y coords
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    Ok. I see. So I can move the sensor, where would it be best placed?
    Or how else do i get around this?
    What are other people's probe offsets set to ?
  • Position is not relevant. When 65mm right to nozzle it means you need to be at x 65 to be able to measure or you crash in x end stop, which is what the error says. So change points for measurement so position can be reached with active z probe. So x min at least 65 and y min at least 32.

    Does homing z go until bed level or stop early? If it goes to bed level and back up it can also be 
    #define ENDSTOP_Z_BACK_ON_HOME 0.0

    when it is 150 it will go up after z end stop by that distance and call it z=0.

    G1 S1
    just allows negative z, you still need to send moves to that e.g.
    G1 Z-50 F1200

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