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Je pense que j'ai un problème au niveau de la pause depuis repetier server.
Quand j'appuie sur le bouton pause, il se met bien sur le côté et reste en pause.
Mais quand je fais reprendre, il reprend l'impression, mais avec un décalage.

Je vous montre plusieurs captures pour vous montrer et j'ai beaucoup besoin de cette option de pause et de reprise.


  • Does the head or bed crash into something resp. can you really move up to Y 235? I guess you changed colors with pause. So the question is why do you get an offset. You either crash into something, move to illegal position or move extruder during pause. If you move extruder during pause you should send
    G28 X0 Y0
    to reposition the head.

    For a perfect pause where you want it, add
    @pause Change
    in the gcode where needed. You can do this in the gcode preview - select the layer, switch to gcode and hit a line number. There add original command plus the pause command.

  • il me semble pas que la tête a touchez quelque chose
    et pour cette pièce j'ai changer de couleur car je n'avais plus de filament en bronze j'ai donc mis le filament or pour finir la pièce 

    donc il me faut pas de décalage sinon ma pièce part direct a la poubelle
  • What delay do you mean? continue starts directly if heaters are still hot, otherwise it heats up first and next click continues.
  • Non non
    Regarder cette photo il y a bien un problème
  • I see only an offset and above already mentioned how that normally happens. Then you said the delay is a problem at least I think so. The fact that you always write french is making it hard for me. I always only read the last answer as I can not understand french.

    So please tell how the shift happened? Is it repeatable if you just pause and continue? If so it should be easy to see in gcode being send why. Or is it just that you moved the head while changing filament by hand. Can easily happen if motors get disabled from printer firmware.
  • Hello,

    I am writing to you in English to help you understand.

    I printed a bronze piece.
    Unfortunately, at the end, I had no more bronze, so I clicked on the pause button on the repetier server software.
    The printer went to X0.
    I put the gold colored filament
    I restarted the printing from repetier server.
    And the printer resumed printing.
    Unfortunately, there is a delay.

    I did not touch the axes to avoid that it is my fault
  • It should also have moved to Y235.

    Anyhow, without further tests we will not come further. So please retest with just pause and continue. There is normally no delay.Also check console to see what is going on. In such cases the solution is always in the commands that get send. So activate showing commands and see what gets from pause until it starts printing again.
  • Hello,

    Here is a video I made to show you what happens when I pause, I hope you can see what happens through this video
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    What happens if you try G1 X0 Y235 F6000 in you Pause Script?

    If that doesn´t help , try G1 X0 Y220 F6000

    Reason : 1st try : Printer might loose steps on Y Axis due to high speed
                  2nd try : Printer might loose steps on Y Axis due to mechancal limit

  • Every time I finish printing, the tray gets closer to me and every time it makes a noise as if the software is telling the printer that I have a large tray when I don't.

    I will test your solution, I will keep you informed.

  • > every time it makes a noise 
    Sounds like you are loosing steps which is what you see then when they do not match. Make sure you are in absolute positioning mode before sending G1 and that your printer allows that size! If size would be ok your speed or acceleration limit is too high.
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