motors just vibrate

HI   i just flashed Repetier on my prusa I3 running a mega 2560 and ramps 1.4 .The  Extruder motor does extrude/retract although reversed. The X,Y,Z steppers just vibrate loudly . Bed heater and nozzle heater both function normally too . Any Ideas ? Thanks in Advance 


  • For extruder invert direction. There is a checkbox for this in config tool.

    Motors vibrating have either not enough current (there is a poti to set proper current, see docs of driver) or it gets blocked or acceleration is too high (microstepping not set as you think?) steps per mm too high, jerk too high or only one circuit has a connection, also it is unlikely to have the same contact problem on 3 motors.
  • Allso make sure you have fitted the 3 jumpers under each stepper driver on the ramps board, this sets them to 1/16 microstepping.
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