hello everybody
i own only one 3dprinter(home & self made) which currently works very fine with repetier host. i am going to re-organize my workshop, so the 3dprinter's new place will be far from my work place.(no usb câble possible)
what i would find is a simple wifi link between my pc and printer without using repetier server because too much complex for only one printer (and i love repetier host which fit perfectly to my needs). I think to a raspberry pi 3b+ used just as a wifi translater to usb and vice versa ,nothing more.
before to write a specific program , maybe some body as already made this or maybe find this impossible because a reason i ignore ?
thanks in advance for your help and ideas


  • But that translater is exactly what repetier-server does. You install server on pi and in host select repetier-server connector. Then you can use host more or less as before just that printing is done by pi server. So except for printer installation you do not need to use the server web gui if you do not want to.

  • hello i have 2 questions from a newbee

    i applied yours explanations 
    i loaded the raspberry with server and succeed to connect  to printer from repetier server , it works fine, actually i try to connect to the printer from repetier host and in connection's parameters ,it is required an api key <span>:smile:</span> where i can find it ?

    screen svga with hdmi adapter .i need to adapt pictures to 16/9 format(pictures longer than screen)
    it seems that config.txt is not active : my display parameters are not active but repetier image set up seems active 
    please could you help me ?
  • 1) API key is in Main menu -> Global Settings -> Connectivity. See also help page in host if you click there on help icon.
    2) Not sure as this is more raspberry related.

    # uncomment to force a specific HDMI mode (this will force VGA)



    is what might change mode from autodetect if it is wrong. Think google might help finding the right mode for the connected display.


    means do not rotate screen which is normally portrait mode.
  • hello its me again , i whish for the last time i seeks you
    i reached to get connection with raspberry via ethernet and it works fine. Now i am trying to connect via wifi but cant get success because raspi's wifi parameters seems need more parameters than i can find on my ethernet box (freebox french brand)
    please, is there a manual for the raspi's / repetier's side wifi parameters  giving explanation in detail ?
    thanks a lot in advance

  • in 99% it is WPA2 as password method and then then you select the SSID and enter your wifi password - same as for your mobile.

    If you used latest image (V15 or V16) there seems to be a problem. Try
    sudo rfkill unblock wifi
    and it might start working.

  • fisrt i must thank you for your help..
    yes my image is v16  ,so i tryed to apply "sudo rfkill unblock wifi " with putty unsuccessfuly , i dont find how enter on raspberry server 
    raspberry server side works fine and i get entire access to the menu server and i can drive the printer but nowhere how to stop server and accessing to the console...
  • Enter ip in putty and use as login "pi" and password is "raspberry". Then just type the command. With ethernet connection it should be no problem.

    Alternatively use windows remote desk to connect and open a console with right click after login.
  • hi
    sorry, but impossible to start wifi.
    i can connect via putty to the server,i entered "sudo rfkill unblock wifi " and no success, also tryed after a restart !
    is it possible for example ,to install NOOBS , start wifi,then  install repetier server via NOOBS ? this maybe a manner to jump over the wifi problem ?
  • Current image does in deed have a problem with wifi. I'm currently testing the problem. Main problem is that linux reports with
    nmcli dev
    that wlan0 is unavailable which makes it impossible to connect and use wifi. Once I have solved it you can download the new image. On I have now put the old working image. So use that and just upgrade server to 0.92.0.
  • thanks a lot
     ok i am going to do that
  • hello
    i installed old version as you said. i  progressed, now wifi runs between raspberry and computer. i see on raspberry the printer alternatively unoccupied / off line
    on other end, i started repetier host , entered the "api key" and get connected. for example , i try to pass under manual control, and there, printer alternatively say idle / off line
    i am near from nervous breakdown argggg

    have a nice
  • oups i forgot to say that using manual control can't get printer on line nor move any axes
    thanks a lot
  • To make things easier please test first if everything works in the server web gui. Only if that works host can work at all. Also even if host connects to server the server must have the printer online and commands must work. Use console to test if communication works, e.g. sending M119 should show end stop status in log. If not the connection settings are not good in server.

    Once you know server works host should also work if you connect to server.
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