Is it possible to use Repetier-host with Klipper firmware ?

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I'm trying to connect Repetier-host with Klipper firmware for tests. Both are installed under the latest version of Debian Stretch.
Repetier-host and klipper seems to work fine, klipper service is running.

I have configured printer connection like this :

But in printer tab, Klipper doesn't exist in firmware type list.

I have check permissions for tty group and it's normally ok.

But when i try to connect Repetier-host to klipper, this doesn't work.
What can be the causes of this problem?




  • You can use Marlin as firmware for Klipper. But you will not be able to use the non gcode commands I guess. What you read about prefixing # only works for server. What should be no problem is if you use Repetier-Server for connection and in Host select the Repetier-Server connector instead of serial connector.
  • I can't change firmware type from autoselect to malin in printer configuration, and don't no why.

  • You are right. Testing myself also prevents it. Have to check why. The server solution should work none the less.
  • OK, Thanks.
    Are non-gcode commands functional with the server solution ? 
    If not, any chance to see Klipper integration like other firmwares (Marlin, Smoothieware.. )? 
  • In server prepend command with # and you can send anything 1:1 including server commands.
  • Hi,

    Thanks for your responses.
    I have configured Repetier server like this.

    If i use /tmp/printer in device port, Repetier never connect to Klipper.
    If i use /dev/pts/0, Repetier connects to Klipper, then disconnects, reconnects, and so on.

    Did i miss something?

  • I always used /tmp/printer but you need a recent klipper version - older versions did not set right permissions to that file. Maybe you have that problem? Speed should not matter as it is only a pipe.

    Did you test if klipper it self works correctly? I mean uploaded firmware to board, connection works an dit connects fine.
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