Problems with moving X and Y


I have a fiew problems with "Repetier Host" and "Cartesian Printer". 
1. I made changes in my construction, and now:
 -  the "X" axis theoretically can travel 290 mm
 -  the "Y" axis theoretically can travel 250 mm
My work area is clear 240 mm * 240 mm. 
I use Repetier Firmware v.0.92 and the last version of Repetier Host.
My hardware is: Arduino Mega 2560 + RAMPS 1.4 + Discount LCD controler
HERE is my "Configuration.h" , and my "Printer settings "
Before changes my work area was: 240 mm * 240 mm  and all was OK.
Now I can't move "X" and "Y" more than 240 mm. Some Ideas where can this values be stored (240 mm) ?
When I tell the printer: G1 X250, it moves to 240 ans stops, but in the manual control, the value for X is 250 ?!?!? If I want to move it with another 10 mm (for example) it do not moves, but the value raises to 260... 
In Printer Shape section in Printer Settings, my physical "Bed left" value is 35mm. I tried to change it, to change X min, even with a negative values, but nothing changed. 
When I set X min for example as "-15", and I press "Home X", the value in the X cell changes to -15, but when the exruder hit the End Stop, this value changes to "0".
It doesnot mater what value I use, and where I put it, every time the maximum travel for "X" stais 240 mm.
The same is for "Y"


  • Sound like your firmware is the limiting factor. See eeprom settings for max xyz length which is added to home position. I guess you have enabled software endstop since it is how config tool works, so limits are now effective as set in eeprom.
  • Thank you for the reply.

    It does not mater what is the value in "xMinPos" and "yMinPos". Now they are respectivelly: 35 and 15. But even if they are 0, no diference.
    I searched all the Configuration.h , but the value of 240 I found just for the ABS extruder temperature.
    #define X_MAX_LENGTH 290
    #define Y_MAX_LENGTH 250
    #define Z_MAX_LENGTH 190
    #define X_MIN_POS 35
    #define Y_MIN_POS 15
    #define Z_MIN_POS 0

    About software EndStops - they are switched On. I don't know why...

    #define max_software_endstop_x true
    #define max_software_endstop_y true
    #define max_software_endstop_z true

    This evening I'll switch them off and will check again.

    Best Regards
  • Check eeprom not only config file! Connect with host->Config->Eeprom settings!
  • YES..... the "magic" is in "Eeprom settings"...

    Thank you very much! All is OK now.

    Just one question: Where from / to / the Host get  / put /  this settings, and why they stay even if a new skatch is loaded?

    Best Regards
  • That is what eeprom is meant for. To survive sketch uploads. There is a parameter EEPROM_MODE in config, and evertime you change it, it will copy values from config to eeprom. If it is the same it will keep data.

    BTW: Host allows to save settings, so you can copy them back in case you have overwritten them.
  • Thank's again!
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