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  • Hi

    I have 3 problems with "Repetier Host" and "Cartesian Printer". 

    1. I made changes in my construction, and now:
     -  the "X" axis theoretically can travel 290 mm
     -  the "Y" axis theoretically can travel 250 mm
    My work area is clear 240 mm * 240 mm. 

    I use Repetier Firmware v.0.92 and the last version of Repetier Host.

    My hardware is: Arduino Mega 2560 + RAMPS 1.4 + Discount LCD controler

    HERE is my "Configuration.h" , and my "Printer settings "

    Before changes my work area was: 240 mm * 240 mm  and all was OK.

    Now I can't move "X" and "Y" more than 240 mm. Some Ideas where can this values be stored (240 mm) ?

    When I tell the printer: G1 X250, it moves to 240 ans stops, but in the manual control, the value for X is 250 ?!?!? If I want to move it with another 10 mm (for example) it do not moves, but the value raises to 260... 

    In Printer Shape section in Printer Settings, my physical "Bed left" value is 35mm. I tried to change it, to change X min, even with a negative values, but nothing changed. 
    When I set X min for example as "-15", and I press "Home X", the value in the X cell changes to -15, but when the exruder hit the End Stop, this value changes to "0".

    It doesnot mater what value I use, and where I put it, every time the maximum travel for "X" stais 240 mm.

    The same is for "Y"

    Any ideas?

    2. When I setted up precisely the stepps for X and Y motors, I marked that I have 0.15mm BackLash for Y... This is very strange, because I use a belt drive, but the fact is a fact. I tried to compensate it enabling BackLash compensation in the firmware. I put 0.15mm in the sell and flashed the firmware. The BackLash value lowers to 0.05 mm, but still exists. After that I add additional 0.05 to 0.18 and put 0.22 mm in the firmware... Nothing changed... Can someone tell me where is my mistake?

    3. As I told you before, I use Discount RepRap LCD controller.
    The VERY strange thing is that this controller works when it decide.
    - Sometimes it starts and all is OK
    - Sometimes after good start, the values on the display becomes unreadable (some very strange symbols)
    - Sometimes the problem disappears and it returns in a normal stage
    - Sometimes it shows only two white lines
    - Sometimes "Emergency Stop" helps deciding the problem, sometimes - not
    I tried with different LCD controllers, different RAMPS, with different cables, different firmwares (even with Marlin). Nothing changes.

    Any help is welcome.

    Best Regards
    November 2014