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  • Hello ! you can look here : it is easy to use ! And the gcode can be used with Repetier Host for milling and drilling
  • Strange thing ! Why don't simply download a real FTDI driver on the site : ? I have that for two or three cards, arduino and other ! And no problems with update or windows update
  • I finally find this famous "pin 63" (for autoleveling in repetier firmware) ! It's very simple ! It's the physical pin number 88 on the chip atmega2560, also labeled Analog Pin 9 labeled A9/D63 on the connector AUX2 on the RAMPS (pin conn 4 ) re…
  •  is not a very good explaination , le firmware Repetier is not only for a RAMPS ! What's for other boards ? I find that : There are only one Pin 63 on Arduino 2560, it is the 63th pin of 100 on the …
  • What files,and in what folder and subfolder, to be deleted ? in win XP And why older firmware like Marlin, Mackerel and other always works with IDE, and the firmware REPETIER  don't work correctly ?
  • Thanks for the answer But the file "twi.c "  is present in the Library folder! No fix ? Other Firmware, such as Marlin or Mackerel (for extruder wire) work correctly with Arduino 1.6.5, and are compiled without problems Should I therefore cont…
  • No more infos about this error !