Compilation error version

Hi !

Why this error ?

Arduino : 1.6.7 (Windows XP), Carte : "Arduino/Genuino Mega or Mega 2560, ATmega2560 (Mega 2560)"

sketch\twi.c:1:17: fatal error: twi.c: No such file or directory

 #include <twi.c>


compilation terminated.

exit status 1
Erreur lors de la compilation.

This error only on my win XP computer, not on win 7 computer, and only with Arduino IDE higher version 1.6.x.x.x .

 work perfectly with Arduino 1.0.5 or 1.0.6

PS: The files, configuration.h and other, created with configuration tool Repetier 0.91 or/and 0.92

What's about ?



  • No more infos about this error !
  • Looks like a Arduino IDE error or more specific of the used gcc compiler included. Or the xp version is missing the twi.c file (which we nowhere include or need). So this is nothing we can change.
  • Thanks for the answer

    But the file "twi.c "  is present in the Library folder!
    No fix ?

    Other Firmware, such as Marlin or Mackerel (for extruder wire) work correctly with Arduino 1.6.5, and are compiled without problems

    Should I therefore continue with Arduino 1.06 for Repetier firmware?
    It's not a very good solution!

    in my opinion
    The problem rather comes from a  bad command misinterpreted in the firmware Repetier with Win XP

  • I have got the same problem with Arduino 1.6.7 and windows 10. When i copy this file in root of sketch, it start to claim wire library!
  • as Arrduino said sketch\libraries\twi.c:1:17: fatal error: No such file or directory...
    )))) But i have a file and directory at all!! )))
  • Solve the problem with delete dir libraries from stketch dir! May be help for someone!)
  • Latest firmware version has the files removed. They were for a different compiler. Since Arduino 1.6.7 the ide compiles not only the files you see but also all subfolders and that caused the problems.
  • What files,and in what folder and subfolder, to be deleted ? in win XP

    And why older firmware like Marlin, Mackerel and other always works with IDE, and the firmware REPETIER  don't work correctly ?
  • The folder containing repetier.ino should have no subfolders.

    If marlin has no subfolders with cpp/h files it has no problem.
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