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  • sad how PrusaSlicer supported OctoPrint but not Repetier Server  will the new repetier host have a way to flip the GUI image of the print placement   currently its all backwards looking from the rear (0.0 location bottom left start point ) and not …
  • ok I will stop trying to use curaengine then , and I almost had it dailed in  how ever how do I get repetier host to use PrusaSlicer-2.2.0+linux-x64-202003211856.AppImage ? 
  • having same issue I can manually set the temp but when it starts printing drops to 50deg and i have to retweak it again  in CuraEngine I have Filaments set for 235deg and 110deg bed  but it keeps starting as 210deg 50deg  I even have these wanted …
  • I have computations turned off with the pi's API added  I have 128 threads available (AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3990X) I am pretty sure it is que depth related because it is computing a task for another machine its sitting th…
  • This is on Linux ,I am wanting a way to separate permissions to allow service to be restarted instead of it wanting to reboot my main pc ,, I want normal users to be able to restart service but not reboot / shutdown 
  • can we have a way to restart the service in the GUI on our PC  it does not seem to restart cleanly how can I create a user setting that will allow "service" to be restarted but not restart/shutdown (but still have admin login that can ) created …
  • does anyone have a config file for da vinci 2.0 duo
  • I bought the pro version because of the talk about using PC to do cloud computing and can not work out where these settings are ?  is it this section with the API keys etc ?  http://localhost:3344/#!/gsettings/connectivity the raspberry pi 2b sti…
  • Da vinci 2.0 1.17-08-01_1.3A Repetier0.92.10M should I try and do a upgrade ? from memory it was hell to get flashed the first time