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  • The c++ code is to change extruders. They need to be parked. Maybe not neat to write it here but it's a first try. What's really difficult to understand is the behaviour of homing and offsets for Ext0 and Ext1. Please give me some clue of how it s…
  • Still there is behaviour I cannot comprehend in some aspects: * Giving Ext1 an offset of 10mm invokes a 10mm move after homing. * Giving Ext0 an offset of -10mm (suggested fix elsewhere in the forum) has the same result. * After homing, selecting t…
  • ekaggrat said: i have been using my corexy on repetier for over a  year now with no trouble... yesterday i added a removable second extruder which is offset from the main extruder on the y axis by 50 mm and on x it is 0mm.. I put these values…
  • One detail is left to be answered. The S1 option of the G0/G1 command disables the boundary check, that is clear. But is this a toggle, or only valid for one command line? And if it is a toggle, how to enable the boundary check again?
  • I was more thinking something like the Ultimaker bed leveling procedure. You know I must make it easy for my customers. The metal block is a good idea. Paper is indeed a tricky method.
  • The words "you set" pinpoints exactly the question I have: the need for a convenient method for the user to level the bed. No need for autoleveling, just a procedure guiding through the steps.
  • Ai ai, difficult communication. 1. Y-homing at min is mechanically impossible. 2. It is impossible to home Y at +10mm, as of the potential collision. 3. The Y-probe is setup to trigger 11mm before collision. And it stays high in this area. Works fin…
  • It looks like your nozzle hit the print at some point. Then one of the motors was not able to turn and finish the move. 1. Sometimes the cause is too much extrusion. This can happen with solid infill, or large surfaces. The prints in your photo do n…
  • Thanks for your quick reply. Let me check Tuesday at the printer, because now I'm getting confused. At least I have seen the LCD command doing XYZ, while we set the configuration.h as YXZ: "#define HOMING_ORDER HOME_ORDER_YXZ"
  • Let me try to be more precise. During normal printing there's no need to go beyond Y-max. But for an extruder change, the position must be 10mm beyond Y-max, to park one of the extruders. I cannot change the Y homing position, otherwise there is mec…
  • News: a 220uF capacitor works for 3 fans in parallel.Scope image is quite rough and strange, but the fans start from 15%.
  • 4*16Hz=64Hz no chance. 
  • Hmm, but Marlin is not stable on RADDS. Problem.
  • But still, the fan problem is there. I might need to design an extra analog output board. Quite annoyed to be honest.
  • No, did not solve anything. And yes it's crappy code, will remove it.
  • A colleague wrote me some alternative lines in the commands.cpp file: From ine 1777: #if FAN_PIN > -1 && FEATURE_FAN_CONTROL        case 106: // M106 Fan On            if(!(Printer::flag2 & PRINTER_FLAG2_IGNORE_M106_COMMAND)) {       …
  • I have the RADDS 1.5 board with Arduino Due.
  • With Sunon fans 12V in series same effect. How do I get out of this mess?
  • It would be a shame to use cheap fans. How can I explain customers to bare with noise? But I'll be experimenting tomorrow with higher PWM and some capacitors. Other option is to use a resistor and 12V fans. Freaks me out but I need a solution.
  • Repetier said: Frequency is only 16hz. You need to use simple cheap fans with only power to have them work. 3 pin fans want a high pwm frequency on 3rd pin i think. Also many fans only woek over x% and stand still on less power. But seri…
  • Excuse me, 0,08A that should be.
  • My fans are 24V 0,08W, and yours? How to calculate the desired capacity?
  • Ah! We were thinking the same way, but had not calculated a value yet. Thanks.
  • Well, that's a nice problem if I want to keep using 24V and decent quality fans. Is there any other way, with a extension board maybe? By the way, my fans are of the 2-pin type.