Resulting model is failed with moved top side of the model, how to fix it?


  • It looks like your nozzle hit the print at some point. Then one of the motors was not able to turn and finish the move.

    1. Sometimes the cause is too much extrusion. This can happen with solid infill, or large surfaces. The prints in your photo do not likely suffer from this error.

    2. Another issue can be the warping of parts of the print. Thin parts or bridges are prone to this. Could be one of your problems here.

    3. Too much extrusion can also lead to gathering of material around the nozzle. A blob of filament will then occasionally be left on the printed surface, and form an obstacle for the nozzle.

    4. Then there is the issue of motor torque. Too small a motor, or wrong stepper drive current settings can be the cause of skipping positions. Also, when motors get hot, they lose torque.
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