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  • Auf welchem gerät läuft der server? Sind ja 6 unterschiedliche binaries die wir haben.
  • Our firmware does not support arduino uno - it would not fit into memory. So I think you are using a different firmware.
  • Mainly depends on how your printer firmware handles extruder changes. Can you simply send T0 and T1 to switch between filaments? Then you configure PrusaSlicer and host to just have 2 extruders. You also need to add a wipe tower in PrusaSlicer so co…
  • Ok ich sehe das Problem. Die haben das Leerzeichen vor / eingespart was dazu führt das die Temperatur nicht mehr erkannt wird. Wozu auch an etablierte Standards halten:-( Werd den Sonderfall im nächsten Update mit abfangen, bis dahin kann ich leider…
  • Nein das geht nicht. Die arbeiten komplett anders.
  • That already happens. The colors set in Global Settings->Preview Images for the different extruders are also used for rendering multi extruder g-code. Just make sure you have defined 5 extruders in server config and set "Extrder Managing Tempera…
  • MQTT is on list for future interface options. But first other more important features will come.
    in MQTT Support Comment by Repetier 7:54AM
  • No plans from our side.  Do you know if you can tell chromium to open 2 urls on different monitors in full screen mode at all? That would be the requirement that it works at all. The other thing is that the second monitor is controlled via hdmi whil…
  • Sind in der Konfiguration im Server ein Bett und Extruder angelegt worden? Sonst erscheinen sie nicht im interface. Das Ausgabeformat ist zwar sehr einfach sollte aber verstanden werden sobald der Server weiß das es Extruder/Bett gibt.
  • Check on installation guide. If I'm right you need to connect 2 serial pins that you have defined as second serial port setting BLUETOOTH_SERIAL to the correct serial for the pins. I have no such display so can not say much about it.
  • File is correct but it should be a bit above the asm. Line numbers do not match since you seem to use different version. Search for  stepperWait = 0 and you should find the correct line.
  • No, format is fixed and not changeable. Sorry.
  • Correction looks good. The warnings are from used official arduino libraries and can be ignored. Of course it would be nice if they fix it, but they do not harm functionality in any way.
  • Please use the dev version to get 2 serial connections as needed in that case. Not sure if 1.0.3 works correctly with 2 serials. Firmware does not need a display setting. I assume here that this is one of the MKS displays that connect using a serial…
  • You are mixing things here. Octopi is a linux installation that has everything required to run octoprint set up the octoprint way.  Klipper is a firmware that is split in 2 parts - the one on printer and one half on the pi that communicates with pri…
  • Guess something like this will be the solution.  master server will be final store and create uuid for each roll and store if a server has leant (meanus uses) a spool and might get updates everynow and then. I think that will be the way to go.
  • That is a feature of windows/linux host. Mac host is a different software not having it.
  • Will see if I can add a switch.
  • Leider hab ich für mac bisher kein anderes Program gefunden das webcam als mjpg stream unterstützt. Im grunde geht jedes Programm das dies bewerkstelligt. Es ging mal mit ffmpeg in einer älteren Version, aber in der aktuellen wurde das feature entfe…
  • 12:46:11.373: echo:Advanced: Q S T J12:46:11.375: echo: M205 Q25000 S0.00 T0.00 J0.02 tells clearly it has no X parameter, so X is not supposed to work. J seems to be for junction but value is small so not sure what it means here. Marlin is not my …
  • In eeprom you only see what M503 returns and only if it is defined in the extra/eeprommap/marlin.xml file with proper detection string. If it differs it will not be included. What is the output on M503 for your printer. And can you please mark the …
  • There is no password needed to connect over telnet port. It just takes control. But you need to activate it in the RepRapFirmware configuration otherwise port will not show up and make connection impossible.
  • If you read about !! you see it is supposed to happen on earnest errors stopping any further action. Now it is a question is does this count as fatal error that sho…
  • Seems to be a older version. Go to HAL.cpp and search stepperWait and modify definition into volatile long __attribute__((used)) stepperWait = 0; __attribute__((used)) was added to tell compiler to not omit it. It does not see it due to only be us…
  • So file is there just not a link but a copy of the fie. Guess in that case it is ok to ignore the message. It will still take the right contents assuming they are in the file. The selection command just did copy the file instead of linking it.
  • Have just uploaded the fixed firmware. Should now compile also with eeprom sd card. Needed to move function to cpp file so eeprom definition was known.
  • Great. I'm also nearly finished with my delta. Board is connected and mostly working. Just endstop is not recogniced:-) Will see what I get when it gets detected correctly. Had it working before it connected to printer.
  • Just run  ls -l /etc/localtime as mentioned in above post and see what it returns in ssh console. See my example above.
  • I have no problems connecting to my iMega using 250000 baud, RTS/DTR low to high, Marlin as firmware (in server). The 2 errors are different sources. COM does not exist is just windows has no such port. Make sure you have the correct serial driver i…
  • Most behaviour gets defined by klipper.xml firmware description in installdir/firmware. Can you give some examples of communication where that happens?  Then I can fix it also for official release.