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  • I know this is an old thread but it is possible to get a 8bit PWM @ 980hz with repetier with using the TIMER0 ISR meant for the advance extruder interrupt.  This can be achieved while maintaining all other aspects of the firmware.  I did use this fo…
  • nm, calling printCurrentPosition(); prints a line to the host that in turn the host reads and updates the current position in case anyone else is interested.
  • So really my question is a formatted line from the machine the host looks for to update the position at any given time?
  • By reading the Arduino's implementation of SS if you don't set SS to output and LOW the hardware can get stuck in slave mode and the firmware will halt waiting for commands from the master device. SS is like the CS pin for the AVR boards which can c…
  • Hey Repetier, I also had issues with TMC steppers in the past using the stock repetier firmware.  I think the issue is with not making the pins SS, MOSI, SCK digital outputs in the firmware and setting SS low... ppl that use SD support don't have th…
  • I have also had this issue with 92.3 but with single hotend, ramps 1.4. Basicly it blip the temp sensor about 10-15c for 1-2 seconds intermittently. On long prints it will sometimes freeze the extruder motor but continue to supply current to the m…