Updating machine position in host

Hey Repetier,

I know calling G92 will update the position in the host making sequential moves as expected but is there something the host looks for that may update the current offset/position in the Repetier Host by calling a custom G command?  Currently my implementation of G38 for tool offset updates the global offset of the printer but the host is not aware of this new position so if i use the GUI to jog afterwards I risk crashing the machine.  To resolve this I have to call G1 X<offset x> Y<offset y> z<offset z> which does not move the machine but only to update the host.


  • So really my question is a formatted line from the machine the host looks for to update the position at any given time?
  • https://reprap.org/wiki/G-code
    does not list G38 as tool offset rather doing some probes.

    Host does not query firmware for position. It calculates position from send gcode, so unknown gcodes will have no effect on positions. Also G92 has only an effect on position in cnc mode. In other modes it will show "real" position not printer local position.
  • nm, calling printCurrentPosition(); prints a line to the host that in turn the host reads and updates the current position in case anyone else is interested.
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