HeyMy extrude Motor is Not working..

I just bought a ramps 1.4 board and hooked up only the motors. all are working but not the Extruder motor..please help me..


  • Is the extruder hot? Extrude rmotors work only when extruder is hot or you have set cold extrusion on with
    M302 S1

  • No the extruder is not hot actually the extruder is not fixed to the board only the motors are wired....whats.cold extrusion and how to set it
    Thank you
  • Cold extrusion is the allowence to move extruder when extruder is still cold. You set it with
    M302 S1
    as I said. But you need to have thermistors connected or firmware will go into extruder fail state also preventing extrusion.
  • So just wiring up.the thermistor is enough right.no need to heat the extruder,?? Iam I right
  • No, that is what cold extrusion means. It allows to move extruder even if it is cold. Just for such testing purposes. Just make sure in host log that you see no "Dry run enabled" message as that would prevent extruder from working as that is what dry run means. 
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