debuglevel popup and stop printing (repetier server and host)

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Hi repetier 

was wondering if it wil be possible to make repetier server and host act on it 
for instance i got a debuglevel 14 (heater could not go up in temp within 12 sec i believe (printer had no fanshroud so it was blowing direct on the sensor)) 
i got this debuglevel but printer was still going to pretend it was printing (printing from server).

maby something like this 

if serial input contains "Debuglevel" 
index number (maby a array with text so if number is 12 it wil go to position 12 with the debug text what is stands for)
show popup with number and text
stop printer 
(maby save line were it was in the gcode for starting again)

i think this can only be done at the host and server side because they tell the printer what to do. 

uhmm... i didnt know where to post it so i did it by the feature request for the firmware 

maby a idee? :D


  • I do not think that changing debug level is a reason to interrupt print. Especially if only echo/error is changed.

    Regarding dry run level the options on what to do differ. I often use plain boards for testing purposes so I happily ignore the fact and enjoy the fact that it still does it's thing.

    I think what would be good thing is that if firmware disables heaters for some defect it should signal that and make host/server stop printing. But when started in dry run it should do this as it was before print started.
  • oke sounds good.

    But what i meant was that i got middle in the print a debuglevel 14 now i dont know if after that there was a line "printer set in drymode" (but i guess there was)
    but it was continuing printing with cold nossle and bed. 

    if something like this is happening do the extruder motor stop?? i found mine getting warm and i felt vibrations within de extruder motor like it wanted to extrude. 

    also would it not be nice if something like this happens say, it was printing without setting into drymode and then a debuglevel is given by the printer followed with a message set into drymode. that in the host or server a popup or other message shows with the debuglevel and what it stands for.  (troubleshooting). 

    personally i dont like to go through the logs to find that 4 hours printing was for nothing. 
    im not stating that u need to change the firmware. the firmware is fine as is. 

    but i only think that the host or server has to do something with the message that is given from the printer. 

  • Development version of firmware now sends a fatal error in that case. On fatal errors the print is supposed to stop and a message is send in the server. Need to test this and also check if host does this as well. With server I'm quite sure.
  • thanks...

    hopes it helps a bit with troubleshooting
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