Extruder stops Extruding + Heatbed stops Heating in the middle of printing

Hi, im pretty new to Reprap and Repetier. I've just finished building my first P3Steel and managed to get Repetier Firmware (0.92) and Host running. I did not find any discussion about my problem so i opened a new one in hope someone can help me please: 
I'm in the middle of adjusting the printer, but since yesterday somewhere mid printing the extruder stops extruding and the heatbed stops heating. But still x,y and z keep doing there job and also the host does not complain, even though the temperature display in the host shows that nozzle and bed temperature are increasing.  
does anyone have an idea or a similar problem? thank you! 


  • Please check the log. That sounds like a decouple test triggered and put printer in dry run mode. You should find a message about this in the log.

    Sure temperature is increasing in host? In dry run you see temperatures but it should be decreasing since they have no output power (should also be visible in host)
  • Hi, 
    thank you for your answer. this quite a while ago. but i haven't in town for long, and when i was back and started printing again, it worked. 
    today did two little 10-15 min test prints, but then ran into the same problem like described above. Now it checked the log and it says:

    "Disabled all heaters due to detected sensor defect."

    and yes, the temperatures are not in- but decreasing (sorry i confused those two terms). 
  • Ok, it happes due to detected sensor defect for safety. So firmware measured a short or complete disconnection of sensor or got a false measurement from crosstalk. Updating firmware to latest might help better detection for false signals if it is the bed as it looks. Might of course really be a broken wire to temp. sensor that only looses contact under some conditions.
  • thank you. i have changed the hotend with its heater and sensor and the problem was gone. 
  • Same issue here: Pursia i3 clone, Melzi v2,

    Printing from SD card, stopped extruding but kept tracing in mid air. Not sure if there were any logs, but there aren't any more.

    LCD displayed
    def / 0 oC
    For both heat bed and extruder so this sounds familiar...

    Anyway I can confirm the meaning /trigger of the error?
  • I guess the next question is, any idea if I can restart the job from where it left off?
  • def is defect meaning it measured a short or thermistor removal. If you have a older version < 0.92.9 it might be the bed which had some bad logic doing this on first wrong measrement. On the other side there should be no measurement for short/break at all but I've heard that it happens anyway. Latest version nor require several measured shorts in a row,

    Restarting a print only works with z max homing and if you know where it stopped. Then you can modify the code by removing the printed parts and going to last z. It's a bit hard as you have no indication where exactly that happened,
    Same thing append to me but whit a lots of test i foud the issue. Because i have installed a blower so powerfull when repeiter set fan 100% in midle print is droping to fast the temp of my extruder cause stop heating and after turn off fan my print are running great again !!!!!

    I now my english was discusting.

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