VIKI 2 LCD Support

Is there any plans to add support for the VIKI 2 Graphic LCD by Panucatt Devices for Repetier Firmware?  If so is there a time frame on when support will be available?


  • Also wanting this, I have a VIKI 2 LCD and cannot use it
  • Me either
  • It is already supported for a good time for several boards as described in the viki 2 connection scheme. Just select it in online config tool and wire as described in viki 2 connection scheme.
  • Oh, I see. Unfortunately my board (Arduino Due with RADDS) looks like unsupported.
  • Check the ui.h Viki 2 radds section for pins. The Viki 2 works, but only without sd card. Didn't get t working with the shared spi for sd card and lcd.
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