Missed Lines / Stuttering during print

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I keep getting a "Warning: Missed line detected - correcting buffer usage." message every few seconds. Also during printing, the printer stops sometimes for 1-2 seconds and then continues. This mostly seems to happen when printing circles. I have tried different baud rates (115200 and 230400) but nothing changed. I also noticed that the temperature is displayed wrong sometimes, I guess this is also due to the missed lines, for example Repetier-Server displays 2000°C instead of 200°C.

I am currently running Repetier-Server 0.70.1 and Repetier-Firmware 0.92.8 or 0.92.9 on a Arduino Mega and RAMPS 1.4.

Here is a log. The printer was idling and I sent @debugcon at the end.


  • Try using a short cable an regenerate the g code, had the same problems ordered a card reader for ramps
  • I actually just completely reinstalled Repetier-Server because I had a problem during updating with my Raspberry Pi and the problem seems to be gone for now in idle mode. I hope it stays this way, otherwise I will use a shorter cable.
  • What you see are communication errors and resulting delays or wrong information (temperature). Better usb cables/shielding normally helps.
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    I tried printing again today and unfortunately the problem appeared again. On Thursday after I completely reinstalled Raspian and Repetier-Server, there were no errors like i wrote earlier. I only let it run in idle mode though and only for a few minutes. Today, I get multiple missed line errors in idle mode again and wrong temperatures multiple times every minute, like in the log in my first post.

    I have tried multiple USB cables and nothing changed. I then connected my laptop to the printer instead of the Raspberry Pi without changing the cable and in Repetier-Host everything runs perfect. No missed line warnings and no wrong temperatures.

    So either there must be something wrong with my Raspberry Pi 2, or it is Repetier-Server related.

    Edit: I have installed Octoprint again and there also seems to be everything ok, no warnings in the log and no wrong temperatures. So it seems that Repetier-Server is the source of the problem.

    Edit2: Well and now Repetier-Server suddenly runs without problems again.
  • Ok, I can reproduce the problem now.

    When I start Repetier-Server, the first time I connect to the printer everything is ok. Once I deactivate the printer and activate it again while leaving Repetier-Server running, the problems occur. Every time I deactivate it and activate it again, the problems always occur. When I stop Repetier-Server and start it again, the first time I connect to the printer everything is ok again until I deactivate and activate the printer.
  • I updated to Repetier-Server 0.75.1 today and the behavior is still the same. The first time I connect results in no problems and every time I connect after that I get communication problems until I restart Repetier-Server and the cycle continues.
  • Sounds like multiple instances access the port. One thing that is not so clever is that in linux several programs can talk to the same port at the same time. That of course creates lots of errors.

    So what I think is that either octoprint also runs on the port or old repetier-server did not stop correctly and you get 2 servers talking to the printer. Check with 

    ps aux

    if you see more then one instance. WOuld not really explain the disable/enable pattern if that is what youmean with connect. Or did you physically pulled usb out and in and it stopped working?
  • This problem also occured before I installed octoprint.

    ps aux shows only one instance of Repetier.

    With connect I mean activating/deactivating the printer in Repetier-Server.
  • Will try to reproduce this, also I never had it but normally restart the server, In any case yould you enable logging and post a excerpt of the log where the problem occurs.

    One other thing is what board are you using? Some boards do not reset on connect and that can also create such problems in some casesm whcih is why we always try to reset. But due boards on native usb or printrboard do not reset.
  • Ok, I will restart the server for now. I posted a log in the first post, here is another one where I activated and deactivated the printer a few times. The password to view is "repetier".

    Board is Arduino Mega + RAMPS 1.4
  • Hello, I have been facing the same problem, although all the parameters are the same during the print with connecting USB cable, especially in circles, the nozzle skipping some points, stopping, or going back and forth. When we uninstall and install the Repetier Host, sometimes it works well but after a while it does the same. I am using Ender 5 Pro with 4.2.7 motherboard. From the comments I read that, it was advised to use shielded and shorter cables, but I wonder there is any other solution for this that I am missing
  • Check log. If you have timeouts or checksum errors usb cable etc might help.

    With circles this is normally a different issue - if you have many small line segments usb might be not fast enough for the overprecise model. If you have ping pong disabled in com settings you can expect to be able to send around 300 lines per second - at least with  Repetier-Server, host may differ depending on object size. Some printers can go faster, but that depends on printer board and if it uses real usb or usb serial conversion on printer side.

    Anhow assume 300l/s means a circle with 100mm/s printed must have segment sizes > 0.33mm or you can not keep that speed. So printer suddenly needs to wait for moves getting slower, getting some accelerating and so on. That is what can cause quality issues if line length on average mismatches move speed and sending speed.
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