Temperature won't rise in software

So i bought a 3d printing kit online and assembled it.
After assembly i downloaded the repetier host software and everything works just fine
The only problem i got is that when i want to start a print it wouldn't.
The software keeps telling me that the extruder is heating up but when i touch the extruder it is hot. (some melted plastic also runs out)
It tells me that the extruder temperature is at 24.5°C.

I don't use a thermistor. I use a resistor instead because i was told this would work just fine (to trick the circuit board).

I would be glad if someone had a solution

Thanks in advance 

Greetings from Austria


  • And you wonder why it does not work? I wonder why the printer is not already burning?
    How should printer know target temperature is reached if it has no workling thermistor? It will heat until target temp. is reached but with fixed transistor this will never happen so it heats until it burns or you stop. Since 0.92 we have even a detector for this condition to stop all heating.
  • well i feel kinda stupid now

    i will purchase one asap

    thank you 
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