[1.6.0, Delta printer, Windows] Bed height map issues


I just migrated from Marlin to Repetier and gotta say, I am IMPRESSED! :D

Just a short bug report on the bed height map tool:
- The first point is measured to an incorrect height when the z-axis is not set to the firmwares Z_PROBE_BED_DISTANCE value. It measures it too high/too low according to the difference between actual z height and Z_PROBE_BED_DISTANCE. All other points are measured to the correct height. I assume a G1 command to the first point misses z height?
- Unfortunately the tool allows for illegal moves when it comes to Delta printers. One has to limit the measurement range quite heavily so that the printer wont move out of the bed.



  • Ah, yes, if I may add: Some value on deviation (such as standard deviation) and/or (z_max-z_min) would be very helpful to quickly compare several measurements to each other.
  • Are you using the new 0.92.8 firmware with new autoleveling handling?

    We have no statistics. If you make a distortion map you will see the deviations agains average plane (+ correction). Or use tool slike bed height map from our host to get some statistics.
  • Yeah, the "deviation" and "z_max - z_min" was not related to the bug, my bad. It was more of a feature request / proposal for Repetier host's height map tool. Should've posted it there.

    Trying with 0.92.8 right now... works like a charm. :) Also, no more movement to illegal Delta positions. Instead "empty" measurements which result in "0" height.

    Thank you!
  • empty measurement is not much better. You should keep measurements within allowed positions or result is not correct.
  • Yes, I know. Before the probe moved to illegal positions and allowed the head to bump into things - so empty measurements is a positive alternative in my books. ;)
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