Slicer tab - Bug when scrolling over WatchDirectory list

God afternoon mates. First of all thank to the repetier team for their tremendous work. 

I would like to inform that I am having some trouble when scrolling through the watchDirectory list of files, that I have set up within repetier-Host.

I happens that when I scroll to the file I want and hit the button Load, frequently it appears to load another random file from the list instead of the one I want. 

So I find myself scrolling up and down to try and "refresh" the list, then hitting load again. I keep trying until eventually I have success loading the file I want. 

I am updated to the latest 2.2.4 version of the software. Any idea on how to solve this? Is anybody having the same issue? 

Kind regards,


  • I put it on by todo for 2.2.5. Might come back to you if I can not reproduce it.

    Watch directory is regular drive or a NAS folder? I ask because NAS watching is often harder then native drives.
  • Thank you!. The watch directory is a regular local directory within C:\\
  • Ok I found the issue. The list widget has no button so it was added manually and several could land on same line so you do not always click what you think. Have replaced it with other solution that is working stable for next release.
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