Slicer tab - Bug when scrolling over WatchDirectory list

God afternoon mates. First of all thank to the repetier team for their tremendous work. 

I would like to inform that I am having some trouble when scrolling through the watchDirectory list of files, that I have set up within repetier-Host.

I happens that when I scroll to the file I want and hit the button Load, frequently it appears to load another random file from the list instead of the one I want. 

So I find myself scrolling up and down to try and "refresh" the list, then hitting load again. I keep trying until eventually I have success loading the file I want. 

I am updated to the latest 2.2.4 version of the software. Any idea on how to solve this? Is anybody having the same issue? 

Kind regards,


  • I put it on by todo for 2.2.5. Might come back to you if I can not reproduce it.

    Watch directory is regular drive or a NAS folder? I ask because NAS watching is often harder then native drives.
  • Thank you!. The watch directory is a regular local directory within C:\\
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