No vertual print display

After upgrading to win 10 and Rep Host 1.5.5 I have lost the 3D virtual print display in rep Host.

any one else seen this... or not as the case :)


  • What do you mean with "3D virtual print display"? We never had a display simulation for the virtual printer. We only simulate communication.
  • Hi yes, the "3D virtual print display"  that mimics what the 3D printer is about to do.
  • It is still working if show filament is enabled and you are running a print you see it appear in manual control tab.
  • is there away I can post pictures on here..

    after slicing the image shows , but when you go to manual mode no image shows. 

    the show filament is enabled sometimes it will show a small bit of the print but when you zoom In the lines go very thin and it no longer updates

  • No you can only paste images that are stored on some other server like your dropbox.

    The visualization will be exactly the same as in the gcode preview once the job was printed. Except if you get a message about the frame rate in your leg which can cause degradation to simple lines.
  • I will get some pictures put up to a server
  • OK  image 1 is the view as soon as the image starts to print , image 2 is when I select zoom extents , and the 3 image is viewd from front

  • can you pm me ill email you the images :)
  • You should not have enabled command logging. Do this only for tracing errors. Without you would have seen the message about reducing visualization quality. You can disable this behaviour in properties->basic settings->Disable Quality Reduction. Not sure why this already happens with such a simple object. Press alt+f to see framerate in the right lower status bar corner to see how bad it really is.
  • Or you have selected this quality as default quality!
  • Well after much looking around the repetier host software and comparing with a new install , I can not resolve this issue .

    Any other ideas?

  • New install will use old settings, that does not help. All you search is in preferences. In basic settings you have quality redurction and in 3d visualization->filament you set filament visualization quality which should be medium. What you see is simple.
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    I have almost got it back ..  thatnks for you help..

    I just updated to the new release version and now this version keeps crashing ..

    im using window 10  on a sony vaio with intel graphics card


  • Try installing with legacy 3d library selected to use the old 3d library as before. Seems like the new version selects the wrong opengl driver for intel graphic cards. Please let me know if this helps. so I can make a better hint for others.
  • Hi installed the old 3D library and seems to have fixed the random crashing of the application.
  • OK , fixed random crashes, but while printing if I click on another tab , then go back to the print  preview , the program will crash ..  hope this helps to nail down the issue.
  • My "3D virtual print display" has stopped working again , and seem to happen after a win 10 update any one else seeing or not seeing as the case may be the "3D virtual print display"
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