Support for new TMC2130 SSS (SilentStepStick) via SPI



  • CarlJonas said:
    BUT i can't use the SD Port anymore. 
    If your are using SPI for the TMC's you can't use the SD-Card feature anymore. As far as I know the SAM3X8E on your DUE board does not support SPI cascading.
  • @alexsomesan
    Hi everyone,
    I am working on the same setup here (Arduino due, radds, tmc2130, with 12864LCD and I'm asking if this topic is still alive and what is the results so far? where can I find the setup guide you mentioned earlier.

    N. Nouri
  • Hey,

    I'm encountering a strange problem - suddenly I'm not able to connect to my RADDS/Due-combo anymore, when the SPI connection (MISO, CLK, MOSI) pins are plugged in. Before this problem occured, I was able to print and do everything with my setup of 5 TMC2130s, midprint the print stopped due to an decoupled thermistor.
    I've narrowed the problem down to the SPI-connector, however, my LCD is not powered anymore, unless a 5V-USB-Cable is plugged into the Due.
    I'd be grateful for any ideas!

  • Tux42 said:
     I'm not able to connect to my RADDS/Due-combo anymore, when the SPI connection (MISO, CLK, MOSI) pins are plugged in. Before this problem occured,
    I've narrowed the problem down to the SPI-connector, however, my LCD is not powered anymore, unless a 5V-USB-Cable is plugged into the Due.
    I'd be grateful for any ideas!

    I may have a similar problem
  • Hi Guys,

    I finally have the time to update my printer. First problem is getting those Fytech TMC2130 drivers to work.
    I only have 2 for X and Y. Both only one doesnt matter how i swap thing exept for the SPI connection 37 and 35.. then otherone works. When i pull pin 37 sometimes both work...untill a powercycle.

    I tested with Vref on 1 to 1.4V... should it be even higher? How do I get rid of that whisling sound?
    I did alter the stepstick with removing the one resistor and adding the two bridges.

    I also have the 4 pins upwards on the stepstick.

    Any tips would help.
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    Ok..on two other pins it just works... some whining still but will power off when not moving..

    Now getting that stallguard working...
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    nemesisde said:
    I still have some issues in stealthchop mode with diagonal moves (only one motor moves). The holding torque off the standing motor is to low so it starts to move. My mechanics are ok.
    Same problems here, i also use 0.9° motors on my Delta Kossel Max, step loss especially when the carriage goes up and the spider is not centered, so in that condition the power request  increases.
    Without stealthchop all work fine.
    I played a lot with "Hybrid Threshold" (not present in Repetier), accelerations and current but I did not solve.
    At the moment the TMC2310 SPI support in Repetier is quite limited, for example there isn't a gcode command to see the driver status like with Marlin.

    About "Hybrid Threshold", a really nice feature:

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    I show you the steps loss in Stealtchop mode, with Repetier firmware.
    The movements I make are on the Z axis, so when the spider moves sideways it means that it has lost steps.
    With "M908" i can change the current for tests, but the new value can't be saved with M500, as in Marlin.

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    No news with TMC2130 in SPI? Not good.
    All the other firmware have a nice support for this driver, with a lot of gcode command for read the driver status and set some parameters.
    M906 in Repetier it doesn't set the motor current, when you think to solve this issue?
  • The programmer got a new job and is a bit busy at the moment. But he still plans to improve support. Can not make any promises on this as it is not in my hands.
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    I know Repetier doesn't use the official TMCStepper library, and this is quite reductive.
    I'm having a big problem with the motors currents value with a Trigorilla 8 bit board, with MK4duo or Marlin 2 my motors work fine with 0.9A declared in the configuration, with Repetier I'm forced to work with a double current (1.8A) or lacking torque in the motors, I feel that I work having little force, and I don't understand why.
    Acceleration, jerk and other are the same, same steps/mm, everything is the same, R SENSE and the other important thing.
    The absurd thing is that instead in my other Delta with RuRamps 32 bit board the motors currents are the same in Repetier and Marlin 2, and the torque is correct.
    Please improve support with these drivers because they don't work properly with Repetier, also in the 1.x DEV version, thanks!

  • Obvious question, Marco: have you turned StealthChop off?
    I've bodged some bits of the 1.x code for my personal tweaks, but motor current setting's not something I've had to touch. Granted, I'm on a delta, but I don't skip steps at 1A unless I do something stupid like slam into the bed.
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    Absolutely, work without stealthchop:

    #define DRV_TMC2130

    // Uncomment if you use the stall guard for homing. Only for cartesian printers and xy direction

    // The drivers with set CS pin will be used, all others are normal step/dir/enable drivers
    #define TMC2130_X_CS_PIN 4
    #define TMC2130_Y_CS_PIN 5
    #define TMC2130_Z_CS_PIN 6
    #define TMC2130_EXT0_CS_PIN 12
    #define TMC2130_EXT1_CS_PIN -1
    #define TMC2130_EXT2_CS_PIN -1

    // Per-axis current setting in mA { X, Y, Z, E0, E1, E2}
    #define MOTOR_CURRENT { 1800,1800,1800,1400,800,800 }

    /**  Global settings - these apply to all configured drivers
    Per-axis values will override these
    #define TMC2130_STEALTHCHOP         0  // Enable extremely quiet stepping
    #define TMC2130_INTERPOLATE_256  1  // Enable internal driver microstep interpolation
    #define TMC2130_STALLGUARD          0  // Sensorless homing sensitivity (between -63 and +64)

    /** PWM values for chopper tuning
    only change if you know what you're doing
    #define TMC2130_PWM_AMPL          255
    #define TMC2130_PWM_GRAD            1
    #define TMC2130_PWM_AUTOSCALE    1
    #define TMC2130_PWM_FREQ            2

    With Marlin 2 and the same torque:

    #define X_CURRENT 900
    #define Y_CURRENT 900
    #define Z_CURRENT 900
    #define E0_CURRENT 700
  • Any update on TMC2130 SPI support, I would hate to move away from Repetier but I think it's inevitable for many people who want to use TMC drivers   :'(
  • I think it will only improve with V2 when I get some code from the users wanting to integrate it. Or if someone with experience helps. In general it works but having no TMC2130 printer and no real understanding of how all these stepper tricks work it is hard to improve. I think all problems are just bad register settings now, which in turn also depend on voltage, stepper motor, ... 
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