Teacup firmware + UNO compatibility

Tech specification :
AMD 4 core , 8G Ram
Ubuntu 16.04  (x64)
Repetier-Host 1.6.2   or  Repetier-Host 2

slicer :  slicer 1.9 
i am building a small  3d printer with  based in teacup firmware and after i finish it i started to make print tests  (without any filament... just to test moves etc )

The problem is  i am getting lot of times  an error : communication timeout - reset time buffer block

i have try lot of  baudrate speeds to fix that but nothing changed

also when i start the print  the  Repetier-Host  shows  in the print-jop  progress window that  the print is a way further  than really it is  

also most of the times after a while the speed of the print become  very very very slow

these were problems that had with cura slicer that i am using mostly for my normal printer i have but as it has no option for  teacup firmware i try to work with slic3r..   but have the same problems

i am using and pronterface to make the tests and had no one of the above there...  printer worked fine..

is any setting that havent take in count and have these problems or there is 100% compatible the host with the teacup firmware yet ?



  • communication timeout means host ha snot seen "ok" from firmware within timeout seconds and has nothing to do with baudrate. So if you see commands in log and answers from firmware, baudrate is ok. Just increase timeout in printer settings.
    Only known problem is that teacup seems to omit spaces in temp. response so you do not see current temperature unless you fix teacup as describe in a recent post here.
    If you have communication problems the "ok" might be received "k" or "o" or something else and not detected.
    You might try enabling ping pong mode so communication is serial as in pronterface and not trying to send several commands in the buffer.
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