X0 position after G29


I see this thing happening and would like to know if it is a right or a weird behaviour:

G28 Home axis, Xmin, Ymin, Zmin endstops, ok.
G1 X0 The nozzle goes to the bed border, ok.
G29 The nozzle goes to the specified points and the probe registers the height, ok.
G1 X0 The nozzle goes to a point 25mm on the right of the bed. This value is the same as X offset between nozzle and probe. IS IT OK?.

I would like to have again X0 placed on the border. Where do I can operate?

Many thanks.


  • You know G29 is not autolevling, G32 is! G29 is just using average height of 3 points.

    At least in dev version last G29 probe points deactivates z probe so extruder offset should take over so G1 X0 should be same as after G28.

    Do you have an extruder? Are you using dev version?
  • I'm using the last 092.9 release with one Extruder.

    I get the same behaviour with G32...
  • So I installed dev version and the issue has been solved at the first shot. Maybe a bug on the current stable release?

    Many thanks anyway. :smiley:
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