stutter/pause continuing off coruse x/y New issue All was fine no mods made

just trying to print a basic tft frame. fails every time Using SD card

massive X/Y missalignment issue

intialy i thought i had a motor driver issue... but this dident make sence as i have a core XY machine and the direction of fail would be angled

my drivers are Raps-128 so swaped them for old Drv8845 started print again same issue but did notice a short pause and it kicked back in but was no longer in line with the rest of the print.

ive checked belts / pullys / driver current /wires fine/ formated and wiped sd cards i have 2 / changed the arduino due for my spare / re flashed the repetier firmware 0.92.2 / updated the firmware to 0.92.9 / updated the repetier software 1.62 / updated Slic3r / un pluged lcd / un pluged bluetooth /  removed second extruder as thought this might be crashing into print dragging it of course NO / re drawn the stl file on autodesk inventor / scanned over Gcoad cant see any odd moves / tryed repositoning the stl and angling it ....

been looking at the firmware thinking its got to be an issue that has let me get a year and a half of printing done and then sees its arse every now and then ???????  tryed changing to no quad stepping still getting issues

#define PRINTLINE_CACHE_SIZE 32   ????  what can this be increased to on the DUE
#define MOVE_CACHE_LOW 14           ????

somthing seems to of changed somewhere


is there possibley a change in Repetier host from absolute coordinates / relative coordinates ??

maybe the sd card reader ?

Can any one help


  • Is there any logic in the misalignment fail e.g. always same direction? Endstop cross talk might cause that as well. Try
    ALWAYS_CHECK_ENDSTOPS 0 so it is ignored during print.

    #define PRINTLINE_CACHE_SIZE 32   
    #define MOVE_CACHE_LOW 14           

    is ok. I'm also using 32 on radds.

  • it seems to litraly be lost pulled the external Sdcard reader and used a micro sd wth th on board reader same thing just pulled every thing off the board lcd sd bluetooth and went old school usb same again as its happening with nearly every layer its like its gone blind it knows where it needs to be but cant remember it how far the next move is ... like if i said to you take 5 paces down the hall way then turn right you can walk through the door and you go yer yer yer take 3 and turn right and miss the door
  • well done what you said and it looks like the problem is cured using optical end stops got some spares going to solder the conections as I'm going to put this down to vibrations causing conection issues over time hopefully soldering will prevent this in future as the rest of the printer is solid using drag chains for all wires that do have to move one of the reasons i went for core xy as to limit amount of moving wires thank for your advice going to put it back to check all the time once soldered conections are done
  • It's not necessary the soldering. Twist sensor cables especially if they come near motor or heater cables! Optical endstops are also a bit more prone of the problem as the signal is not as clear as mechanical endstops depending on light etc..
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