Deleting file from SD card

edited August 2022 in Bug Reports
When I try to delete a gcode file from an inserted SD card, the printer starts printing it right after confirming to delete it.
Repetier firmware 1.0.4.


  • What did you send?
    M30 Filename

    Did it write file deleted before starting?

    If you check the code
    case 30: // M30 filename - Delete file
    if (com->hasString()) {

    If you are using lcd to delete - after delete it goes up a menu I think so could it be that the click was counted several times so it selected print and first file? I mean after delete it would be impossible to print the same file. If it is the multiple click it would print the first file in list. Not that I have encountered that so far.

    If not does selecting file to print work as expected. Don't see the issue in code so unsure what else could cause it. 
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