Proper way of adjusting Z offset from LCD when doing first layer?

I have a printer with z-probe (induction sensor) and if I set all parameters correctly in firmware then it works nicely. First layer is also printed well.

The problem is when I disassembly printer head and assembly again. Obviously Z settings become off. What I did so far is to figure out new Z_PROBE_HEIGHT, update that in Configuration.h and upload new firmware.

That obviously sucks. But... I don't see any menu about adjusting this on lcd when printing.

There is Z-babysteps option but it is not saved and next print requires me to correct Z-babysteps again, each time.

I'm probably missing something, so - what's the correct way to adjust Z offset at (for example) first layer print time, from LCD and get this offset saved?

Firmware 1.0.4.


  • Using our server or host you can modify the value in eeprom at any time without reuploading firmware.
  • So simple. Thanks!

    (There is even a plugin for octoprint for EEPROM edits)
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