Options for Ender 3 Max (Similar to Pro / v2)

Hi Everyone,

I am working on using the firmware config tool to setup my ender.  I have successfully configured and run repetier-firmware on my other printers (non Creality) just fine.  Does anybody know which motherboard type to select in the repetier-firmware tool for the Ender 3 Max, it's a Creality V4. 2.2 silent Motherboard with TMC2208 drivers that comes in the Ender 3 Max.

Thanks in advance.


  • TMC2208 are not supported in V1 firmware. You need to use Firmware V2 for this, but the list of supported boards is not that big here, so chances are high that it is currently supported. But I don't know which board is used. When I know I can say if it should be possible with a simple board definition or not.
  • Gotcha.  Okay so maybe not supported yet.  The Ender 3 Max uses the Creality 4.2.2 board.  

    I know Repetier is not Marlin (duh lol) but just to give you an idea, in Marlin I use this:

    default_envs = STM32F103RET6_creality
    #warning “Creality 4.2.2 boards may have A4988 or TMC2208_STANDALONE drivers. Check your board and make sure to select the correct DRIVER_TYPE!”

    Maybe it is not supported yet? 
  • We have a skr_mini_e3_v2_0 supported that uses the same chip at least. 

    How good are your programming skills? I can not test such a board even if I write the code as I do not have it. But I could fetch pinmap or more from marlin. 

    You should know that V2 is different in configuration - no tool and more like a macro language to build printer description. Makes config much smaller then marlin but needs a bit more of understanding.
  • I am an adequate programmer specifically by trade in nodejs / javascript.  Other languages are understandable to me, the firmware config files in Arduino IDE are something I can work with and I understand how to edit pins.h for example, I work with raw Marlin firmware often. 
  • V2 uses visual studio code, something you might know as javascript programmer. Please have a look at
    and the documentation mentioned in the readme. The sample config is a good start I guess as it is for cartesian printer, just wrong board.

    When I'm finished with server release I will have a look and try to add a basic board definition for the ender, so that it should compile at least and hopefully some basic function work.
  • @Repetier -  I live in Vscode -_- sadly and happily, both at once. 

    I'll take a look and thank you.  Just for reference, I love Repetier and you have made my print-farm a dream, or as close to it as one can get (yes, there are still disaster, print fails, spaghetti and bed-level panic fridays, but... atleast I know my firmware and server will not crash haha) 
  • Ok, some good news. I needed to dive deep into marlin handling for boards to get the SKR2 running, so now I can also see and understand how it should work for the ender board. I will try to get it included next week.

    Regarding versions I saw board files for CREALITY_V4210, CREALITY_V427, CREALITY_V431, CREALITY_V452 and CREALITY_V453 so gues version 4.2.2 is using pins like in 4.2.10 and in between there are only board revisions.
  • @Repetier
     - Awesome, today is my Birthday, so this is a good birthday gift haha.  I have an Ender 3 Max with a 4.2.2 board if you need any info or data to help out.

    The boards have minor improvements between versions AFAIK for example:
    • 4.2.2 and 4.2.7 have stepper drivers built-in and are called "silent boards"
    • 4.2.2 uses TMC2208 
    • 4.2.7 uses TMC2225
    They 4.2.2 and 4.2.7 also have dedicated ports for filament run-out sensors and BLTouch which may need some pin diagnosis.  

    I have used Marlin 2.0.8 and TH3D on the 4.2.2 board fine with the BLTouch / Homing options enabled so it does not have any special magical setup, just some custom pinouts maybe.

    Otherwise most of the boards are pretty similar.  The vast majority of Ender models now have 4.2.2 shipped in them and 4.2.7 as an optional upgrade.
  • Happy birthday:-)

    Since you already have a working marlin config, can you post that. I'm especially interested how they solved the UART problem - do they have one uart per driver or do they use daisy chaining?
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