z Probing

I have found a bug in the Repetier version 1.0.4.
if you use a Z-Prob and you have configured it completely and then you use the command M119 to check if the inputs are on high or low. During the first 2 minutes when Z min is pressed, z min is displayed as LOW and the Z-Prob as HIgh.
If Z min is not operated, Z min is displayed as Low and the Z-Prob is displayed as Low.
After about 2 minutes, z min and Z-Prob will be displayed as LOW and this state will not change.
in version 0.92.9 this is not the case. 


  • I'm not sure if this is an error. I think you have z min which is also z probe pin. In this case z min trigger sonly during homing and otherwise will only trigger z probe to high when triggered.

    What I do not understand is you mentioning 2 minutes. As said it depends on the fact if you are homing or not. Not homing will always have z min false to not cause trigger for e.g. inductive z probes near z=0 so it can still move down with always check endstops enabled.
  • I have resolved the issue.
    I disabled xy preheat then Z.
    After that it homes only to x may, y may and z max.
    After that you can home z min via G32 S2 i think.
    Then it should work.
    Dont forget to mesure the z offset from the bl Toch
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