My he3d ei3 printer bed and nozzle are not heating

I have assembled my printer but it's nozzle and bed are not heating since assembled.i have checked that all the wires are correctly attached.also the light on the board is not glowing when I heat the bed or nozzle but rest everything like fan ,motors etc. Are working fine but only the nozzle and bed are not heating I am a beginner please help me how to fix this!!!!!!!!!


  • Does the host/server show that they should get power? If so you are most likely using wrong output pins.

    If not check console for error messages - wrong wiring or pins can cause temperature failures that cut off the funczionality and you see it in log why it happens.

    Last thing make sure you are not in dry run mode - that also disables all heater functions.

    And only write in one categrory not in 6. Will delete the other entries.
  • Yeah you are right the repetier is also showing printer set to dry mode until restart when I heat the bead or nozzle using repetier on my pc. But pls can you help me I can't disable the dry run feature can you pls provide me a detailed help on how can I disable dry run.bcz also when j. Try to off dry run it automatically turns off and I can't turn off the dry run pls help me
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    :'( pls help me I can't fix this problem
  • When firmware states dry run until restart you can restart it with M999 but you need to fix the problem first or it happens again. Before that line firmware will write the reason for doing so, so you should know if it is the bed or extruder where you used wrong pins or configured wrong pins. Not always easy since firmware numbering must not be identical with board names.
    Note that heater/sensor 1 is meant for bed and if the board has a dedicated pin for this it points to that pin so heater 2 will then be the one named 1 on board or named 2 if board starts counting with 1 and not with 0.
  • sorry for inconvinience but can you tell me detailed step by step because i also dont know how to restart with M999
  • No I can't. These depend on your errors, board, configuration file, wiring and eventually even hardware defects. You need to compare what you defined with wiring and to which pins the configuration belongs and check what you did wrong.

    If you are using Repetier-Host disable easy mode. Then you should see which heater is causing the problem so you see which config options and pins to check.

    Also in manual control you just send "M999" as command to restart (or press reset key on printer). Then it resets heater management until problem happens again. But you should only change wires when printer is not connected to anything for a minute.
  • Thanks for your help now both are heating. But now a new problem have arisen. I think I have done something wrong in the marlin coding or anything. Now the problem is that all the switches are fine but they are not working the motors are not stopping even after pressing the switch. And other thing. The Y and z axis motors keep moving even after they have reached the end but the motors keep moving and making irritating sound. And the x axis motor is totally not moving from the centre. When I do home all the y and z keep moving even after they have reached the end stop and the x is stuck at the centre.
    Can you give me a full ready to upload code which I don't have to modify and just simply upload. If not then please give me a step by step detailed solution because I am kinda noob at it... Please help me!!!
  • You just said you are using Marlin. This is repetier-firmware support! These are different products and are configured differently.

    I can say that you should use M119 in host to test if the switches are correctly assigned. So trigger one and send M119 while triggered and see if it shows to be triggered. If not they are configured wrong. But can't say how this is configured in marlin.
  • I just assembled mine, and I'm having the same problems, no available clear wiring diagram, no help at all from HE3D, they're the worst to buy from them, and I do not have any experience at all with such as equipment.
  • Don't have a HE3D but nozzles are all wired more or less the same. Heater cables to heater output on board. Temperature cables normally to thermistor inputs and then you need to set the right thermistor type so temperature curve matches. Some use thermo couples and need special inputs, so watch out if your hot end matches that type.
    Some hotends have a cooling fan that cools the heat break so temperature does not creep up. This needs a fan input that is configured as extruder cooler. Firmware distinguishes between extruder cooler and filament cooler. Filament cooler get controlled by M106/M107 while extruder cooler gets activated automatically when extruder gets hot.
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