Find edges - XY Probe

Hello. I use the repetier firmware in my cnc. I have made some changes to the code to improve my usability.

Laser mode. I can control the laser intensity using parameter S of commands G0 and G1.

CNC mode. I can control the spindle speed using parameter S of commands G0 and G1.

4th Axis. I used the Extruder 1 driver to drive the 4th axis motor.

A new need has now emerged and I am unable to continue with this development. I need to identify the edges of an object in X and Y. Just as the Z Probe works, I need to use the function on the other axes. Can you help me with some code or direction for this function?

Thank you.


  • I have no code for this, but you could do it similar to x and y homing. So in case of your xy testing replace the xy endstops with your sensor signal but set flags for homing. Then you where they trigger and you can change the xy position accordingly. I hope that is what you are trying. Problem is that we don't count steps normally in that direction so position is lost, but if you reset it that is not so much a problem. Problem might be that xy boundary check fails from this not endstop position since the new positions mean different xy min/max values.
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