FLSUN QQ-S running Repetier firmware?

I got an information that my FLSUN QQ-S printer (32 bit miniRambo board I think) came actually with Repetier firmware. Is that possible? I thought it was Marlin. Is there any easy way to check that? On the card, there were some binary files and the configuration.h file, I do not have them at hand at the moment. Thanks!


  • https://ultimachine.com/products/mini-rambo-1-3 describes it as Arduino Mega board, not 32 bit and compatible with Rambo board, so yes, it is possible. When you run after connection
    you should see what it is. Also the configuration.h file would show it easily.
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    Thanks, I will check.

    Edit: I actually messed up the name - it is MKS ROBIN MINI (not Rambo).
  • Then I think it is marlin firmware.
  • Yes, that is what I thought too. Someone of FB told me it is Repetier this morning, that is why I am confused. I will post the result here later today.
  • We have no official support for that board. Depending on which STM32 chip it contains we could add it to V firmware, but surely not in V1.
  • So it says it has Robin as FIRMWARE_NAME.
  • Which does not mean anything since it is easy to change name string in open source firmware. I know marlin supports the board while we don't so I guess it is Marlin. Especially if you see no REPETIER_PROTOCOL in M115 output.
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