G10 Command Unretracts itselfs

I found a bug on the 1.0.4Dev Version using the command G10.

If I have Z-lift enable, for example with a 0,2 lift the G10 will not function correctly in certain scenarios. The way that i found to reproduce the error is to Extrude any ammount and then send the G10 Command, by doing this the extruder will retract and lift as expected but inmediatly after it will unretract. If after that I send G11 and then G10 again, that second G10 command will work perfectly. 

I uploaded the version 1.0.3 using the exact same Configuration.h and now it works perfectly.

Please let me know which information do you need from my printer, Its a Chinese CR-10 Clone with an MKS Base 1.4.



  • Strange thing is that I did not change retraction since 1.0.3. So must be a side effect maybe.

    Do you have

    If enabled that confuses firmware easily if you have pure extrusions. When you say extrude any amount was that E only or with xy move during extrusion? Autoretract detects pure extrusions and converts them to G10/G11.
  • Autoretract is disable on firmware on both versions. If you want I can upload a video of how it fails, Is like it retracts at the correct speed but inmediatly after it unretracts at a way lower speed.
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