How to backup Repetier-Host registry entries

I want to backup all the config changes and additions I made to RH.
How do I backup RH registry entries?
How do I import them back into the registry?
The answer is NOT:
Export HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Repetier to a .reg file
Import the reg file
because it does not work.


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    Actually exporting the registry with regedit is the answer.  What is the problem when you do so?

    What it does not back up is slicer settings which are stored in separate directories. These can be just zipped and saved somewhere.
  • I can export the repetier key. However, when it is imported, the characters at the end of the lines of code for the scripts are not read properly by the importer. They are 0D, 00, 0D, 00, 0A. ==> CR, CR, LF
    All other lines only have one CR and import properly.
    So how do I eliminate one of the CR in the export OR
    How do I make the import work with 2 CRs?

  • when I export the repetier key, the export adds a CR to each line of code.
    If I look at the code line in Regedit there is only 1 0D.
    When I export it and look at the reg file, there are 2 0D s
    It is only the code lines, I assume it is because the other lines do not contain a 0D, 0A sequence.
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  • Had a look into the registry. Looks like all strings get stored in utf-16 format. Since regedit import/export seems to be the only one having the problem it is more a problem there. 

    But on testing the strings all finished to 00 00 which is correct. Exported multiline strings look like this

    "gcodeScript1"="; Prepare height map


    G1 Z30 F12000



    which is absolutely correct as far as I can say. This is on a current windows 10 system.
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