No need for Z-probing before print if G32 and G33 were executed even before reset?

Liebe Kollegen, 

As usually thank you for developing and maintaining such a nice software! I have tried Klipper and thanks God I am now back home to Repetier. No more heresy.  ;)

It's about Prusa-like cartesian printer with home on Z-max. My printing surface (glass) changes when I change glass  and also when I print on the same glass but different heatbed temperatures: 60C and 100C, it bends a little. 

So after each printing surface change or heatbed temp change I run a routine: 
    - M322 S1
    - G33 R0
    - G28
    - M140 S%(bed_temp)s
    - M190 S%(bed_temp)s
    - G28
    - G32
    - G28 X Y
    - G33
    - G33 L0
    - M140 S0

It seems like after this routine rotation matrix, distortion matrix and Z-max (home) height are stored in EEPROM and they even survive the reset. Does this mean that I can just start prints without using Z-probe? 
Thank you! 


  • G32 must be G32 S2 to store it to eeprom. G33 normally stores directly to eeprom.

    And yes, you do only need to do it once and can then use simple G28 homing to z max. Data will survive due to eeprom storage. So only time you need a change if you change bed or use different bed temperature so it deforms differently.
  • Thank you!
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