Setting extruder temperature more precisely


since I only use temperatures between 25 and 40 °C in my extruder and I need as precise temperature control as possible, I am wondering if there is a way to set the temperature in steps of 0.1°C. For me increasing the temperature by 1°C is sometimes simply to much. Can it be (easily) changed? In the end it would be ideal if this could be done in the slicer, the printer and (especially) repetier server.


  • No it can't be done. Temperature is send in parameter S which is an integer.

    Only solution would be to change temperature scale by factor 10 to 310 means 31.0°C. If you adjust the temperature curve accordingly and set temperture in slicer as well to 10 times you have the resolution. Only way I see to get it through all instances, but of course hosts and display will show 10* the value which you just need to know.
  • damn, this is sad to hear...

    how can I change the temperature scale? That is for sure good enough to try it out. 
  • You need a user defined thermistor table where you multiply temperatures by 10. That should be all needed.
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