Can not extrude or control extruder temperature.

I had a go at using ABS but was unsuccessful. Now back with 3mm PLA filament which I have previously printed with successfully.
2 major problems ....

1). I can not extrude - nothing comes out of my nozzle. I have dis-assembled nozzle and cleaned out and verified that nozzle hole is open.

2). I can not control extruder temperature. I have connected external temperature sensor to verify nozzle temperature. With a setpoint of 190C I am measuring 230C. I have to force setpoint to 153C to get 190C measured but still no flow thru extruder. 

I have noticed that during a print that there is no movement of the filament "drive" - could this be related ?


  • Does not look like a host problem, more a firmware thing.

    Which firmware are you using?
    In repetier there is a minimum temperature you need to make the extrude rmotor run. In latest release 0.92 you can also do a cold extrusion if you allow it (M340 S1 i think). Or your firmware is configure dwrong/motor not connected, ... also often the case is having dry run in debug options active to prevent extruder actions.

    A difference in temperature is normal as it depends on the place where you measure. If it is very high, you may have selected the wrong thermistor type resulting in wrong temperature measurements.

  • Hi,

    I write here, because my problem is almost the same....

    I measured the real temperature in the hole of the screw for the nozzle. The real temperature was 209° instead of 239°, measured from Repetier. I'm sure that the type of the thermistor is a wrong type. I found the correct table for my thermistor, but can't find the way to import this table in the Repetier Firmware.

    The real table it THIS

    Can you advice me?

    Thank's in advance!
  • The table states it comes from generic values, whcih is normally not very good at higher temperatures. Easiest way is to use online config tool, select user defined thermistor. Then you get a temperature editor where you can enter temperature - resistance pairs from the thermistor vendor data sheet. This is the most accurate way. Alternatively select generic table and enter beta/R but as I said there are more accurate around room temperture then high temperatures.
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