Incorrect x,y coordinates in g-code

So when I use Repetier and slic3r separate I have no issue but when I use slic3r in Repetier it gives incorrect x,y coordinate. The coordinates are correct in printing an object but are out side the scope of my print area I.e. Min coordantes for x is 239.00 not 0 and max for x is 339.00 not 200 from what I can tell all my setting are correct and work fine when not using slic3r with repetier only when I use it together I have the issue.


  • Slic3r slices it exactly where you place it inside the host, at least if the shape is set correctly. Then it calls Slic3r like this:

    08:45:39.739 : Slic3r command:C:\Program Files\Repetier-Host\Slic3r\slic3r.exe --load "C:\Users\littwin\AppData\Local\RepetierHost\slic3r.ini" --print-center 52,34 --layer-height 0.2 --cooling --fill-pattern honeycomb --solid-fill-pattern rectilinear --fill-density 27.00 -o "C:\Users\littwin\AppData\Local\RepetierHost\composition.gcode" "C:\Users\littwin\AppData\Local\RepetierHost\composition.amf"

    where --print-center is the center of the stl object where it should be. Slic3r places loaded object in the center so we need to tell it where we want the center to be.

    Are you using the 1.1.7 version bundled or a newer version?
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