Filament Runout Sensor ...

I am trying to set up a filament runout sensor on my printer. The sensor is a simple endstop switch, the problem im having is I cant find any place to define what endstop plug on my zrib board... I have enabled jam protection in the firmware already.. Any help would be much welcome...


  • The tools define it with "Jam detection pin" in the config tool. Select here the proper endstop pin you used.
  • I am also using a simple ON/OFF endstop type runout sensor. What settings should be used in Jam detection firmware if not using tracking with steps?
  • In config tool Mechanics->JAm Method mist be signal gets High or Low depending on how the switch changes. Then in extruder settings configure pin and pullup that is all you need to do. Then set Jam Action to LCD or request pause from host/server.
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    I got around the problem by connecting the switch directly to my Raspberry PI running Octoprint using the runout plug-in. The raspberry then sends the pause to the printer.. Works well this way..

    Thank you for all your help...
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